3 Quick Stretches That Will Banish Your Computer-Induced Stiffness (Video)

Expert advice on how to survive long hours in front of a computer

We usually associate a physically demanding job with work that requires labor. But even an office job can be physically demanding on our bodies.

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Repetition and stress from working in front of a computer can exact a toll on our hands, wrists and shoulders. These areas often bear the brunt of overuse and lack of variation in movement and, as a result, we feel discomfort or pain.

Here are three great stretches to ease some of the stiffness that comes with working on a computer all day.


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Judi Bar, E-RYT 500

Judi Bar, E-RYT 500, is Yoga Program Manager at Cleveland Clinic. Her inclusive style of yoga has brought the ease, benefits and simplicity of yoga to patients, families and caregivers. She also has established one of the first Yoga Alliance-accredited yoga teacher training schools at a major medical institution.
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