Try These Leg Stretches to Ease Back Pain, Improve Circulation (Video)

Be mindful of your body and move it every few hours

Sitting in a chair all day is tough on your back and legs. Hours of inactivity while keeping your body fairly rigid can take its toll  by creating stiffness in these areas.

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It’s important for those of us in office jobs to be mindful of our body and to give it a good stretch every few hours. Our bodies were meant for movement.

Here are a few simple yoga postures to gently stretch your back and legs. You can do these right in your office chair.


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Judi Bar, E-RYT 500

Judi Bar, E-RYT 500, is Yoga Program Manager at Cleveland Clinic. Her inclusive style of yoga has brought the ease, benefits and simplicity of yoga to patients, families and caregivers. She also has established one of the first Yoga Alliance-accredited yoga teacher training schools at a major medical institution.