Can My Chronic Pain Ever Be Cured?

The Short Answer from a pain specialist

Can My Chronic Pain Ever Be Cured?

Q. Can my chronic pain ever be cured?

A. One big difference between chronic conditions and acute illness is that a chronic condition generally requires life-long management. An acute injury or illness has a definite beginning and end, but chronic nerve, or neuropathic, pain endures. However, with proper medication, your feelings of discomfort may be significantly lessened.

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Opioids are less effective in treating neuropathic pain than they are in treating acute pain. But other drugs such as anti-epilepsy medicines and antidepressants may be helpful. Even though pain may not be fully reversible, treatment can lessen its severity and allow you to enjoy a more vibrant life.

It should also be said that it is not uncommon for an identifiable cause of pain to be discovered during a clinical evaluation, in which case your physician can offer treatment to help the underlying problem.

— Pain specialist Michael Stanton-Hicks, MD