3 Anger Management Tips

Calming techniques can help

woman screaming

Let’s face it. We all get mad every once in a while. But it’s how you handle the anger that can change the outcome.

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Scott Bea, PsyD, a clinical psychologist at Cleveland Clinic, says that often our inability to control anger is inherited, but the key is developing the skills to control it. 

He offers three practical tips for dealing with anger:

  1. Don’t reach for a drink. “Try to understand what’s motivating your use of alcohol,” says Dr. Bea. “Too often people are using alcohol as medicine. It’s not bad in moderation or to celebrate, but if we’re using it for consolation, to fix an emotion, that’s where we can overuse it and get into trouble.”
  2. Try yoga or assertiveness training instead. Even faking a smile or a laugh can help to bring your boiling blood pressure back down, says Dr. Bea.
  3. Find a teaching moment with your kids. “You can start talking to them at an early age about how to manage their anger, their thoughts and emotions,” he says.

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