Your Heart: 3 Amazing Medical Innovations (Video)

New wireless pacemaker and new drugs

Top Innovations

By: Steven Nissen, MD

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Every year, Cleveland Clinic presents the top 10 medical innovations — the most influential and potentially beneficial breakthroughs in medicine for the year.

This year, three of the 10 innovations related to the human heart. They are:

1. The development of a small leadless pacemaker — We’ve found a way to create a tiny pacemaker, so small it fits inside the heart and works without wires or any leads. The battery lasts eight years or more.

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2. New cholesterol-lowering injections — A new class of cholesterol-lowering drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors are not only easy to administer via a single injection once/month, they also reduce cholesterol for thirty days by as much as 50 percent to 70 percent.

3. New congestive heart failure drug — A new class of drugs for congestive heart failure offers a new approach to treatment and helps reduce the risk of death by 20 percent. The drug, Angiotensin-receptor neprilysin inhibitor, or ARNI, is on the fast track for approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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