3 Tips to Protect Kids From Bad Halloween Treats

Make sure those Halloween treats are fit to eat

It’s been a great night of trick-or-treating, with bags that are chock full of candy and other goodies. But before the kids dive in, be sure to find out what they’ve got. Emory Petrack, MD, Medical Director of Cleveland Clinic Children’s Pediatric Emergency Department, shares some safe-treat tips for parents and kids.

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Don’t let the kids eat or open any candy until you get home.

Always check your children’s candy before they eat it. If a candy wrapper is ripped or open, throw the candy away.

Never eat candy that is unwrapped.

Don’t let your kids eat loose pieces of candy corn or other treats that aren’t individually wrapped.

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Don’t eat homemade candy, treats or fresh fruit.

These are probably fine, but it’s best to stay on the safe side.

Remember: Talk to your kids about Halloween safety to make sure it’s a happy Halloween for everyone.

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