5 Fun Breakfasts That Kids Can Make for Mom

Easy, sweet recipes to celebrate Mother's Day
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Let kids show mom how much they care on Mother’s Day. Turn them loose in the kitchen! With a little help from Dad, there are plenty of fun breakfast treats they can safely and easily make. Most don’t require an oven or a stove.

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Pediatric registered dietitian Jennifer Willoughby offers 5 easy breakfast ideas that almost any kid can construct for mom:

1. Mother’s day parfait

To make an easy fruit and yogurt parfait, kids just can stack different fruits in between layers of yogurt. “This one is so fun for the kids,” says Willoughby. “And it’s good for mom too.”

If you choose Greek yogurt, it will have extra protein to help mom feel full and to keep her going in the morning. Kids can use their favorite berries: strawberries, blueberries or whatever fruits mom likes and serve it up to Mom in bed.

2. Rainbow fruit kabobs (dripped with chocolate)

Fruit kabobs are also great for kids to make for mom. Dad can cut up some melon and pineapple and line up some strawberries and blueberries for kids to put onto toothpicks.

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It’s all good for mom. Berries, in particular, are chock-full of anthocyanins, which research shows protect our arteries.

The kids can also drip a little dark chocolate on the fruit for added flavor and health benefits. The flavonoids in dark chocolate may not only help to lower mom’s blood pressure and cholesterol, but they may also help reduce her risk for cardiovascular disease.

3. Cookie cutter toast and eggs (or pancakes)

On Mother’s Day morning, kids can use cookie cutters to cut out their own designs. “You can cut out her toast in the morning, maybe even cut out an omelet,” Willoughby says. Kids can create rainbows, hearts, flowers or whatever they want to make for Mom on Mother’s Day.

4. Sweet mother-love smoothie

Kids can help load the ingredients of mom’s favorite smoothie into the blender. Strawberries, banana, yogurt, fruit juice and ice can make a simple, delicious smoothie that tells mom she’s loved. Or you can get fancier if Dad cuts up some spinach or kale for kids to add, along with fruit and chia seeds: See our green grape smoothie recipe.

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5. Mini breakfast pizza

Kids also enjoy making mom mini-pizzas.  Willoughby recommends dad lining up all of the ingredients for the kids and letting them construct their mini-pizzas for mom.

“You can get some whole wheat English muffins, put them out there for the kids and get whatever you want for toppings.” Kids can use egg and low-fat turkey sausage or low-fat cheese topped with tomato slices and fresh basil. Then dad can put them in the oven or toaster oven.

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