5 Scary-Good Halloween Costume Safety Tips

This Halloween keep it scary — and safe
kids wearing halloween costumes

Halloween is almost here, an exciting night for all the little ghosts, princesses, superheroes and other trick-or-treaters out ringing doorbells around the neighborhood.

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To keep this Halloween’s trick-or-treating safe and fun, Emory Petrack, MD, Medical Director of Children’s Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department, shares some tips on costume safety for parents and kids.

Halloween costume safety tips

  1. Costumes should be brightly colored. Make sure they are clearly visible at night.
  2. Costumes shouldn’t restrict movement or vision. Clothing that dangles to the ground, or accessories that could cause your child to trip or fall, can be dangerous. If your child wears a mask, make sure the eyeholes are large enough so he or she can see clearly.
  3. Make sure costumes are labeled “flame retardant.” Use flame-retardant costume wigs and trick-or-treat bags, too.
  4. Use face paint instead of masks. When using face paint, apply it to a small area of your child’s wrist several days before Halloween to make sure there isn’t a skin reaction.
  5.  “Weapon” accessories should be made of flexible material or avoided completely. Swords, guns, lasers and similar accessories need to be rubber or other flexible material to avoid injury if there’s a fall.

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