5 Simple Summer Snack Swaps

Don’t burn your diet in the sunny season
Simple Summer Snack Swaps

Between cookouts and time spent snacking indoors while soaking up the AC, summer diets are not always the healthiest. But a few simple food swaps can change that.

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Amy Jamieson-Petonic, MEd, RD, CSSD, Director of Wellness Coaching at Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, shares her top summer tips for eating healthfully. 

  • sweet potato

    1. An alternative to chips and dip

    For a healthy twist, try sweet potato hummus with veggies instead of chips and dip. You’ll get the vitamin A your body needs from the hummus and the crunch you crave from the veggies.

  • exercise

    2. Go veggie

    At a cookout or at home, try a loaded veggie or black bean burger instead of a hamburger or bratwurst. Even with the works, it will have much less fat and fewer calories.

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  • Grill your sweets

    3. Grill your sweets

    Eat grilled fruits such as pineapples and bananas instead of cookies, cake and pie. This will help you satisfy your sweet tooth without adding refined sugars and other processed junk.

  • swap sides

    4. Swap your sides

    In place of potato salad, try whole-grain pasta salad with veggies, which will provide energy, vitamins and minerals. Pasta salad also has much less fat and fewer calories than potato salad.

  • tea

    5. Tweak your tea

    Drink unsweetened green tea instead of sugar-sweetened tea. Green tea provides antioxidants and cancer-fighting chemicals, unlike the sugary tea, which can increase inflammation and your risk of heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

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