5 Tips for Having a Healthy Outing at the Baseball Stadium

Stay healthy all season long

Baseball glove and stadium

Is it game day in your hometown? Are you catching baseball fever?

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A little baseball fever never sent anyone to the hospital, but you can still make your trip to the ballpark easier on your body. Use these tips to stay healthy while you’re trying to catch that fly ball.

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    1. The every-inning stretch

    Don’t wait for the seventh inning to stretch. Sitting for a long game on hard — and usually jam-packed — seats can lead to a sore back and stiff joints, especially if you have chronic pain. Take a stroll around the concourse, and stand up and cheer when someone hits a home run or makes a diving catch.

  • Girl eating corn on the cob

    2. Ditch the nachos

    That heaping serving of cheese-covered nachos may contain 1,000 to 1,500 calories. But ballparks around the country are offering healthier diet options now, from gourmet salads to grilled salmon to corn on the cob. Have some food fun at the game, by all means — but keep it reasonable.

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    3. Practice moderation

    Those ballpark beers tend to be bigger than your average 12-ouncer, so watch your intake. Moderation is the key when it comes to drinking. Overdoing it can lead to health problems, drama — and the classic beer belly. And, of course, do not drive home if you’ve been drinking.

  • Baseball cap

    4. Protect yourself from the sun

    If your seats are in the sun for a day game, wear a baseball cap or other hat, and use plenty of sunscreen. This will be especially important as spring turns into summer and the sun gets stronger. Protect yourself from sunburn and more serious problems, such as melanoma.

  • Water bottle gushing

    5. Drink water

    Any number of things can dehydrate you: the sun, the heat, those big beers we mentioned before. Be sure to drink plenty of water, especially during the dog days of summer. And skip the sodas, which are loaded with sugar.

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