6 Tips for Spooky but Safe Trick-or-Treating

A little door-to-door advice on Halloween safety
girl trick-or-treating

It’s time for all those small, costumed candy crusaders to ring doorbells and collect their Halloween goodies. To make sure this Halloween’s activities stay safe and fun, Emory Petrack, MD, Medical Director of Children’s Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department, shares some trick-or-treating safety tips for parents and kids.

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Safe trick-or-treating

  1. Do your trick-or-treating in a familiar neighborhood. Know the route you are going to take ahead of time. For older children, make sure you know what route they are taking and insist they stick to that route. Have a set time for them to return home.
  2. Parents should always accompany young children. Don’t let them get too far ahead as you walk through the neighborhood.
  3. Children older than age 10 should never trick-or-treat alone. Have them go with at least two friends and stay together for the entire evening. Tell them to never accept rides from strangers or accompany them anywhere. Know with whom your child will be trick-or-treating and in what neighborhoods.
  4. Use a flashlight. Never use candles or torches, as these can cause a fire.
  5. Go only to houses that have the lights on. Go to the front door, not the side or back, of the house. If no one comes to the door after you ring the doorbell, leave. Never go inside anyone’s home. If the person at the door needs to get the candy from another room, wait outside. And be careful around people’s pets.
  6. Walk on sidewalks and driveways. Don’t take shortcuts through backyards, alleys or parks.

Remember to talk to your kids about Halloween safety to ensure a happy Halloween for everyone.

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