How You Can Avoid Heat-Related Illness and Keep Exercising

If you’re a dedicated athlete, weather doesn’t stop you from your training and workout routine. But when temperatures turn hot, it’s time to take some extra precautions. Physical activity increases your core temperature. So does hot weather. When you combine the two, you risk serious illness.

Does Your Child Need a Mouthguard for Sports?

Mouthguards are coverings worn over teeth and used to protect teeth from injury from a potential sports-related trauma. Professional athletes wear them and sports specialists recommend them for child athletes too.

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How Aromatherapy Can Help Ease Your Joint Pain

Aromatics can do more than soothe your mind. Scientific studies show that aromatherapy — inhaling or absorbing aromatic plant extracts — also may help soothe your body and relieve joint pain.

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Growth Plate Injuries: What You Should Know

We all know that nutrition is important for your child’s growth and development. But your child’s growth — particularly height — also depends on bone growth plates. When those growth plates become damaged through a sports-related injury or accident, they not only can be painful but also can affect how well and how long your … Read More