Protect Your Kids: 3 Vaccines Parents Shouldn’t Refuse

Most epidemics begin in school-aged children. Keeping kids up-to-date on vaccinations is one of the easiest ways to prevent three serious illnesses. You’ll protect not only your child, but also your family and your community.

Here are the 3 vaccines parent

Should You Let Your Baby ‘Cry It Out’ and Sleep? (Video)

There she is, your beautiful baby. Her eyes are finally closing as her chest begins to rise and fall. And then what seems like split second later, she’s up, and she’s crying. Again. Should you use the cry it out method? Experts say there is something more moderate you could try: graduated extinction. Watch to learn more.

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Why Teens Take Risks and What You Can Do to Help

Why do seemingly well-adjusted kids start behaving impulsively in their teens? An adolescent medicine expert explains why teens take unnecessary risks and how parents can hard-wire good decision-making skills early on.

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