Christopher Travers, MS

Christopher Travers, MS

Christopher Travers, MS, is an exercise physiologist on staff for both Cleveland Clinic Sports Health and Cleveland Clinic Executive Health.
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What Does Moderate Exercise Mean, Anyway?

If you talk to a doctor or read physical fitness guidelines, you’re going to come across the phrase “moderate-intensity exercise.” It’s one of the guiding principles behind fitness recommendations. But patients often are left wondering: What does moderate really mean? Examples — something for everyone In the exercise world, we think of moderate-intensity activity as … Read More

What a Beginner Should Know About CrossFit

Your friends have been talking about it on Facebook. You saw a commercial or a competition on TV. One of your coworkers swears by it. So now you’re curious about CrossFit™. At its core, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program with an emphasis on varied exercises, functional movements and a high level of intensity. … Read More

Should You Step Up to the Barre Workout?

Once in a while, a fitness trend takes off. It seems like new gyms spring up overnight. You hear about it from your friends, who say, “You have to try this class.” Barre workouts are one such trend. Barre workouts — probably best known from the fitness franchise Pure Barre™ — have grown rapidly. They … Read More

Your Guide to the No. 1 Fitness Trend of 2015

What workout requires no gym membership and only 15 minutes of your time three times a week? The answer: body-weight training. This training is a mix of exercises, from push-ups to squats, that you can do on your own using no equipment but your own body. In the eyes of more than 3,400 fitness professionals … Read More

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The 12 Days of Fitness

’Tis the season for celebration, family gatherings and holiday fun, but not for sitting still. If you want to keep your fitness routine going throughout December — or kick off a new healthy habit before the New Year begins — start with these tips. We’ll add a new tip each day leading up to the … Read More

Are These Rookie Mistakes Ruining Your Fitness Routine?

The road to fitness is paved with good intentions — but too many people look for the nearest exit once they hit a few bumps in that road. Whether you’re an exercise newbie or a former athlete who has taken a break from fitness for too long, don’t let challenges steer you away from your … Read More