Sue Cotey and Andrea Harris, RNs

Sue Cotey and Andrea Harris, RNs

Sue Cotey, RN, CDE, and Andrea Harris, RN, CDE, are Diabetes Educators with the Lennon Diabetes Center at the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center. Sue is the Program Coordinator.
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Top 10 Worst Diet Choices if You Have Diabetes

Choices, choices. How your health fares often comes down to the foods you choose to eat. You have the power to make the smart – and yes, delicious food choices – to keep your blood glucose at a healthy level. In this guide, we share the worst — and some of the best — food and drink choices if you have diabetes.

Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe for People With Diabetes?

As diabetes educators, we are frequently asked if sugar substitutes are safe and which ones are best. Over time, there have been many sugar substitutes, and we always tell people that the one you use is a personal choice. They are safe for people with diabetes, and they can be used to reduce both your … Read More

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5 Tips to Prevent Gum Disease If You Have Diabetes

Gum disease – or gingivitis – has been called the fifth complication of diabetes behind heart, nerve, kidney and eye disease. Gingivitis is simply the inflammation of the gums around your teeth caused by plaque buildup. So, why are you more at risk for developing gingivitis if you have diabetes? Gum disease begins with bacteria … Read More

Drinking Alcohol and Diabetes: Do They Mix?

Most people with diabetes may enjoy alcohol in moderation, but you should always check with your healthcare provider first. Your condition or the medications you are taking could be affected by alcohol consumption. You’ll want to follow these five safety tips: 1. Know if it’s all right for you to drink Check with your doctor or healthcare provider … Read More