Daniel Clair, MD

Daniel Clair, MD, is Chairman of the Department of Vascular Surgery at Cleveland Clinic. In 2007, Dr. Clair was named one of America’s Top Doctors.

Are You at Risk for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome? (Video)

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome occurs when a vein, artery or nerve leading out of a person’s chest to their upper extremity or arm becomes compressed by a rib, collar bone or nearby muscles. Find out if you are at risk.

Choose the Best Diet for Your Peripheral Arterial Disease

Any dietary therapy for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) should reduce your intake of the types of fats associated with progression of cardiovascular disease. Ideally, these therapies would also reduce inflammation in the blood vessel wall and in your entire body. Assessing what can be achieved with diet therapy is important because it is part of … Read More

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What New Legislation About Physician-Industry Relationships Means to You

As a health care consumer, there are important details that you should know about a well-intentioned but misguided piece of legislation — the Physicians Payments Sunshine Act. This legislation is a lesser known part of the Affordable Health Care Act (or what we know as “Obamacare”). The act requires drug, medical device and biological companies … Read More

Why Statins May Offer Treatment Benefits for Your Aortic Aneurysm

If you have coronary artery disease or peripheral vascular disease, using statins is clearly a benefit to your health. In those cases, statins lower your risk of future cardiac events. However, when it comes to treating aortic aneurysm disease, the benefits of statin use are not clearly proven. Some evidence does support statin use for … Read More

Best Advice as You Recover From Vascular Surgery

After you have surgery to correct a vascular problem, you will play a key role in your own recovery. It is important to understand and follow your doctor’s instructions to help ensure a positive outcome.  Your healthcare team will advise you on the medications you should take. They also will recommend a plan for follow-up … Read More

Radiation That Cures Your Cancer Can Cause Collateral Damage (Video)

Targeted radiation therapy for head and neck cancers has improved outcomes and even saved lives. However, in addition to damaging cancer cells, the therapy also can injure surrounding tissues. This may include important arteries and veins in your neck or in other areas where radiation treated your cancer. This damage can limit blood flow in … Read More

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Fixing Your Aortic Tear Without Surgery (Video)

If you could get a glimpse inside your aortic artery, you would see that it’s much like the inside of a garden hose. It has a thick inner layer with a thinner outer layer as protection. When the artery is healthy, that muscular inner layer is round and wide. This  allows easy flow of blood … Read More

Sealing Your Aortic Aneurysms at or Above the Kidneys (Video)

Some patients have abdominal aortic aneurysms that dilate the aorta at or above the renal arteries. These are the arteries that branch out to the kidneys. Vascular surgeons use fenestrated stent grafts to open the renal arteries. These grafts have openings cut at just the right spot so they don’t block blood flow through the … Read More