Delos M. Cosgrove, MD

Delos M. Cosgrove, MD

Delos M. Cosgrove, MD, is President and CEO of Cleveland Clinic, where he presides over a $6.7 billion healthcare system.

Do You Know How Much Exercise You Really Need?

How much exercise is best for your heart health? If you’re stumped, don’t feel bad. Just 20 percent of Americans were able to answer this question correctly in a recent national survey. Find out what you need to know to keep your ticker on track.

Holidays Best Time to Chart Your Family Health History

For many families, Thanksgiving Day is one of those rare occasions when multiple generations gather together in one place. That’s why this day of feasting, football and family has also been deemed National Family Health History Day by the U.S. Surgeon General.

End-of-Life Care: Who Will Speak for You?

No one wants to consider their own mortality. Eventually, though, it’s something we all must face, so it’s best to make some hard decisions now, to guide our loved ones and healthcare providers about what we want at the end of life. Today is National Healthcare Decisions Day, which hopes to encourage everyone to put … Read More

Healthcare ROI: We Are Living Longer Lives Worldwide

Humanity got a wonderful gift between 1990 and 2013 — six years of extra life. While the average person born in 1990 could expect to live to age 65.5, those born in 2013 can look forward to a 71st birthday. That’s an enormous leap. Many factors contributed to this immense gain for humanity, but the … Read More

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Why We Should Make Way for the Military in Healthcare

We think of the Armed Forces as our nation’s powerful defenders, but they are also outstanding educators, training young people in hundreds of fields like finance, administration, mechanics, technology and computers. Many of these skills learned in military life translate easily into civilian careers – especially in healthcare. There is tremendous opportunity to hire veterans … Read More

Do You Know What Viral Disease Is Truly an Imminent Threat?

Imagine if an infectious disease were to strike the United States tomorrow. Caused by a virus, it is easily spread from one person to another. It can lead to serious health complications, even death. In fact, as many as 3,000 to 49,000 Americans could die of this highly contagious disease in the next four to … Read More

As Your Medical Care Advances, Is There a Price?

In many ways, the rising cost of healthcare is the price of a job well done. American medicine has made astonishing strides over the past 50 years. It’s given people longer, better lives. Training, research and technology advancements have enabled us to lengthen the average person’s life by nearly a decade. We’ve also improved quality … Read More

Healthcare’s Finest Hour: Technology Drives Advances

It’s a whole new world. The old way of practicing medicine is just that — an old way of doing things. While it took us a while to get to this point, I can say confidently this new world of healthcare will be better for all of us. Patients, doctors, and the people who pay … Read More

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The Day of the Passive Patient Is Over

Healthcare is a team sport. And you – the patient – are the No. 1 draft pick. It’s your body, your health, your life. Why shouldn’t you have a voice – and a strong one – in your own care? The day of the passive patient is over. It’s time to take charge of your … Read More

Medical Lessons From the Vietnam War

Six months after finishing medical school, I was made a captain in the Air Force and sent off to Vietnam. It was 1968 and the war was in full force. Everyone had to do their part. I was sent to Da Nang and put in charge of the 22 Casualty Staging Flight at Da Nang … Read More