Delos M. Cosgrove, MD

Delos M. Cosgrove, MD

Delos M. Cosgrove, MD, is President and CEO of Cleveland Clinic, where he presides over a $6.7 billion healthcare system.

Medical Cost Control Is a Patriotic Duty

In 1960, President John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Now, as 2013 winds down, we’re all wondering:  What will the government do for healthcare – and what will healthcare do for the people of the United States. We’ve gotten ourselves … Read More

Taking Expense, Unpredictability Out of Healthcare

Americans talk about our healthcare “system.” But it’s not really a system at all. It’s a hodgepodge. We have about 800,000 doctors in the United States. Some doctors work in hospitals. Some work in groups. About 40 percent are on their own. These small-scale practitioners deliver healthcare as kind of a cottage industry: intimate, craftsmanlike, … Read More

Addressing Obesity With Innovation

One out of every three American adults are now obese. To reverse this trend, we need innovative approaches to obesity, and we need them now. While new strategies and treatments are currently in the pipeline, will they be enough to prevent American healthcare from being crushed by the massive costs of treating obesity and its … Read More

Healthcare Changes Happening Now

America, get ready. You’re about to wake up to a whole new world of healthcare. We are moving from a healthcare system of the 1950’s into a model better suited for a population of the 21st century. The old-fashioned hospital is about to be integrated into a regional system of specialized facilities that will streamline … Read More

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Healthcare Technology Primed for a Breakthrough

Technology has touched every facet of medicine. It’s helped us diagnose, prevent, monitor and treat patients. In fact, blood tests, imaging, vaccines, online tele-health programs, medications, radiation, and surgical techniques all bear the fingerprints of advancing technology. And we’re only becoming more technologically dependent. The internet allows patients to easily learn about their conditions and … Read More

4 Ways to Partner With Your Doctor

Most doctors go into healthcare with an overwhelming desire to help people. Providing care is a two-way street between a doctor and patient. Working together, they get the best results. If we truly want to impact the health of our nation, we need to: 1. Take prescribed medications and advice It is estimated that up … Read More

Our Commitment to Modern Education

Modern medicine has changed drastically, even in the last decade. The practice of medicine is increasingly a technology-dependent science. Electronic medical records, robotic surgery, telemedicine, advanced imaging, “big data,” and super-computers like IBM’s Watson have changed the medical landscape for the better. In order to treat patients effectively, doctors-in-training need to have access to every … Read More

3 Diseases That Should Concern You

It’s understandable to be concerned about the potential of infectious diseases like avian flu. But there are other diseases –non-infectious diseases – that are even more frightening and are already destroying millions of lives at this very moment. One of these diseases is preventable; another mostly can be prevented; and the third is completely out … Read More

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Makeover: ‘Employees’ to ‘Caregivers’

Six years ago, Cleveland Clinic got rid of all its employees. This was no small task. Cleveland Clinic is the second largest private employer in Ohio. We had 40,000 people on our payroll. But as of 2006, we no longer called them “employees.” They became “caregivers,” because each one of them plays a role in … Read More

How a Healthier Lifestyle Will Reduce the Deficit

Our nation faces two grave challenges: the federal deficit and the rising cost of healthcare. I would like to suggest that both of these challenges can be addressed by a single transformation. I truly believe that if we can get our nation healthy, we can save a lot of money and a lot of lives. … Read More