Recipe: Mexican Avocado and Black Bean Salad

This hearty black bean and avocado salad contains soluble fiber and monounsaturated fatty acids to help fight cholesterol, which ultimately can lower your risk of heart disease.

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Good Carb, Bad Carb: 4 Myths Debunked

When you’re focused on losing or maintaining weight, you get plenty of advice about carbs. Should you avoid carbohydrates at all costs, or just certain ones? Our dietitians explain.

The Dangers of Raw Milk: What You Should Know

Some people believe unpasteurized milk has more nutrients, causes fewer allergies and promotes health. Yet it’s 150 times more likely to cause foodborne illness. A dietitian shares the facts about raw milk.

Is Acetaminophen Safe to Take When You’re Drinking?

There are times where festivities abound — and a few drinks later — our heads pound. Some people wonder if they’ve had alcohol, how harmful is it to also take acetaminophen (Tylenol®). An expert weighs in.

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Recipe: Meatless ‘Chicken’ Salad Lettuce Wraps

Try this vegetarian chicken salad. Garbanzo beans offer the meat substitute and Greek yogurt gives this dish a creamy consistency. Blend these up with chopped celery, walnuts and sweet dried cherries, then wrap in crispy lettuce.