Recipe: Low-Fat Chicken Noodle Casserole

This lighter chicken noodle casserole includes a creamy base but with fewer calories and fat. It offers niacin, a B vitamin that helps increase HDL levels in the blood, and folate, which assists in DNA and RNA production. It is also high in vitamin C.

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The Top 4 Protein Sources May Surprise You

Do you rely on traditional sources of protein for your meals? Then you may be surprised by these findings from our poll of six dietitians. Discover which foods they favor for boosting protein in your diet.

Protein: The 4 Worst Ways to ‘Beef’ Up Your Diet

Trying to boost the protein in your diet to maintain your muscle mass? Focus on getting the right amount of protein from the most nutritious sources. Here, our dietitians list four sources of protein to avoid.

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6 Worst Myths You’ve Ever Heard About Weight Loss

Not getting anywhere with your diet? It may be that you’re buying into six common myths about weight loss. Here, our dietitians weigh in on the worst myths surrounding weight loss and the truth behind them.