Study: Flu Can Be Deadly – Even for Healthy Kids

When most adults get the flu, they might need a few days of “couch time” for a full recovery. But with children, it can be different. When any child — even a healthy one — gets the flu, the results can be deadly. A new report presents even more compelling evidence of this. This is … Read More

Allergy Drops and Young Kids: Dangerous Combo

With allergy season in full swing, many of us keep eye drops and nasal sprays close at hand — in the car, in our purses and by the nightstand — to treat our itchy eyes and stuffy noses. Medications can result in death if ingested But most of these allergy drops and sprays are not … Read More

Effective Ways to Discipline Your Children

From a from very early age, children need to be taught correct behavior. For many parents, that means spanking − an approach with which I personally disagree. Physical  discipline is something a lot of people turn to, but it’s not a very good choice for kids.  It teaches them it’s OK to hit someone when … Read More