Frederick Frost, MD

Frederick Frost, MD

Frederick Frost, MD, is Department Chair of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Executive Director of Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy.

4 Exercise-Related Things You Should Avoid Before Elective Surgery

Patients often ask me questions about “prehab,”or exercise programs they can do before an elective surgery. These questions show how exercise has taken on such major importance in people’s lives. Often these patients are scheduled to have an elective orthopedic surgery, which can include surgery of the knee or hip. It is ironic, but for … Read More

5 Ways to Stop Being a Passive Patient

It’s high time for patients to take an active role in their own healthcare. There was a time when many people had long-term relationships with a family doctor – someone who knew them and their families well. But today, that kind of relationship is a thing of the past. Primary care physicians move around, care … Read More

Don’t Live Your Life Focused on Disease

For a person with a complex, chronic illness, too much healthcare can be as dangerous as too little. It’s easy to become overly dependent on medical interventions, on drugs and treatments that while useful, are not enough in themselves to help a person achieve real health. What is real health? Yes, it’s medical care when … Read More

‘Arthritis-Friendly’ Car Buying Guide

Two doors or four doors? Four-cylinder or eight? When shopping for a car, we’re used to answering these questions. But we may not think to ask, “Is this car ‘arthritis-friendly?’” If you have arthritis, it’s a good idea to look for a car that takes into account the way everyday tasks can become more difficult … Read More

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Is Your Wii the New Stroke Rehab?

It’s a lot easier to stick with exercises that are fun to do than with those that feel like a chore. That’s especially true for victims of stroke going through rehabilitation. That’s why the use of video games to aid stroke rehabilitation has become a major focus of research in my field. There’s growing evidence … Read More

Caregivers: 4 Tips to Prevent Stress

If you are caring for a family member or loved one who is seriously ill or disabled, remember this. You might even write it down and hang it by your loved one’s bed: Caregivers who take care of themselves can take better care of others. It’s easy to understand, but like many things in life … Read More