Recipe: Crepes With Moroccan Vegetable Curry

This curry dish is not only full of flavor, but it is also uber-nutritious. It’s low in fat and sodium, cholesterol-free and a great source of lean protein, dietary fiber and potassium.

Dry Rubs: Cooking Tips + Simple Recipes

When you’re cooking lean, healthy meats, a dry rub can fire up the flavor. Find recipes for a few simple, flavorful rubs, including Asian, Latin and classic American cuisine.

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Recipe: Cuban Flank Steak With Citrus Mojo

Flank steak in the right marinade becomes succulent and tender. The marinade for this dish is based on Cuban mojo, the signature marinade of Cuba. It’s often served in Latin American restaurants as a dipping sauce for meats, poultry and fish. Try this heart-healthy version.

Recipe: Asian-Style Chicken Skewers With Slaw

This recipe illustrates the influence of the Pacific Rim on San Francisco cuisine. The flavors are unmistakably Asian, including the chicken marinade and mix of cabbage, bean sprouts and daikon radish in the slaw.

Recipe: Grilled Steak With Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri sauce is as popular in Argentina as ketchup is in the United States. A sauce that’s full of fresh chiles, herbs and onions, it will liven up anything you grill.

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Recipe: Spinach-Filled Spanakopitas

This savory Greek appetizer is usually made with a lot of butter and feta cheese, which is delicious but very salty. This recipe offers a lighter, heart-healthy alternative.

Recipe: Whole Wheat Pie Crust

Here’s a healthier pie crust than the ones you would typically encounter, which are often heavy in saturated fats. This crust takes only a few minutes to mix together and roll out.