Recipe: Peruvian Blue Potato Salad

Never tried those tiny blue potatoes you see in the produce section? Our Peruvian Blue Potato Salad is the perfect chance to give them a shot. You’ll never believe how brilliantly colorful a potato salad can be!

Recipe: Thai Swordfish in Red Curry Sauce

This Thai recipe works well with any firm fish, or scallops, lobster tail meat or shrimp. Substitute firm tofu for the seafood, and it becomes a stunning vegetarian entree.

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Recipe: Crepes With Moroccan Vegetable Curry

This curry dish is not only full of flavor, but it is also uber-nutritious. It’s low in fat and sodium, cholesterol-free and a great source of lean protein, dietary fiber and potassium.

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Dry Rubs: Cooking Tips + Simple Recipes

When you’re cooking lean, healthy meats, a dry rub can fire up the flavor. Find recipes for a few simple, flavorful rubs, including Asian, Latin and classic American cuisine.