Recipe: Low-Fat Holiday Sugar Cookies

These holiday cookies, with subtle hints of vanilla, are sure to please. They’re also lower in fat than most cookies. But with all the flavor, you won’t miss the fat.

Recipe: Flavorful Herb and Apple Stuffing

This stuffing is a fabulous addition to your holiday meal whether you bake it separately or use it to stuff the bird. The apple, onion, celery and sage flavor your turkey beautifully. 

Recipe: Falafel with a Zesty Yogurt Sauce

Falafel is a Middle Eastern specialty consisting of croquettes or balls that are made of spiced ground chickpeas. Traditionally, it is deep-fried, but you can pan fry in a small amount of canola oil.

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Recipe: Key Lime Mousse Pie

This pie is light yet rich-tasting and can be made ahead — great for any party! It uses bottled Key lime juice (easier than finding fresh Key limes) and cookies with no trans fats, naturally!

Recipe: Turkey and Beef Stuffed Cabbage

This recipe is low in sodium and saturated fat, and high in lean protein and iron. It’s a great way to make the traditional Irish dish leaner, yet still filling and flavorful.

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Recipe: Garden Turkey Meatloaf

This classic comfort food is healthier when you use lean ground turkey instead of ground beef and add colorful garden vegetables. Watch it quickly become a family favorite!