Howard Smith, MD

Howard Smith, MD, is a Staff Rheumatologist and Director of the Lupus Clinic at Cleveland Clinic.

The 4 Best New Medicines to Treat Your Lupus (Video)

For several decades, the medicines available to treat lupus stayed pretty much the same. In recent years, however, we’ve seen a breakthrough with targeted therapies — medicines that are directed at one little molecule in the immune system.

6 Places on Your Body That Lupus Can Affect (Video)

Many people with active lupus feel poor in general and experience fever, weight loss and tiredness. People with lupus also develop specific problems when the immune system attacks a particular organ or area in the body.

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If You Have Lupus, Consult Doctor Before Pregnancy (Video)

If you have lupus and are thinking about having a baby, be sure to talk with your physician before you get pregnant. Talking with your doctor can help coordinate your care among your lupus specialist, or rheumatologist, and your obstetrician. The OB ideally should be someone with a background in high-risk pregnancies. In this video, rheumatologist Howard R. Smith, MD, … Read More

Drugs Can Help You with Lupus-Related Hair Loss (Video)

About six out of 10 lupus patients experience hair loss, which can be both physically disfiguring and emotionally trying at a time when they’re battling a host of other symptoms. This hair loss occurs due to the body rejecting the hair follicles, not because of emotional or physical stress. In this video, rheumatologist Howard R. Smith, MD, describes … Read More

Lupus, Sun and Vacation: 4 Tips to Prevent Flares (Video)

With warmer weather, people often get the itch to travel. For lupus patients, vacationing could also mean sun exposure, which in turn can cause rashes, arthritis flares or even serious inflammation of organs. In fact, six to 10 people with lupus are sun sensitive. But lupus patients can still spend time outside. With some solid … Read More

Lupus and Your Skin: How to Avoid Summer Flare-Ups (Video)

We all need to protect our skin from the sun’s damaging rays, and if you have lupus, you know that being prepared for summer is especially important. With warm weather, delicate skin can more easily burn or redden with a rash. And while a butterfly rash has a nice name, it’s not fun at all to … Read More

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Lupus and Brain Fog: How to Find Your Way

Monday morning finds many of us feeling foggy, but 20 to 50 percent of people who struggle with lupus have a unique feeling of mental fogginess, including: Depression Memory problems Headaches Fatigue Confusion Other neurologic symptoms This set of symptoms, often called “brain fog” or “lupus fog,” is important to identify if you or a … Read More

4 New Medications for Lupus (Video)

The medications available for treating lupus have stayed pretty much the same for several decades. But in the past few years, we’ve seen a breakthrough with targeted therapies—medicines that are directed at one little molecule in the immune system. Watch this video to learn more about how lupus is treated: The most significant new treatments … Read More