Karen Cooper, DO

Karen Cooper, DO, Director of Be Well Moms℠ in the Women's Health Institute, is board-certified in family medicine and specializes in medical weight management.

5 Ways Obesity Affects Your Fertility

When it comes to obesity, you’ve read all about the dangers. You know about increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, back and joint problems, and many other conditions. But here’s one you may not know: Excess weight can hurt your chances of becoming pregnant. Obesity has a number of different effects on your fertility—as well … Read More

Breastfeeding’s Added Benefit: Weight Loss (Video)

After having a baby, many women who breastfeed get a benefit they may not expect: weight loss. The benefits for babies are clear. Breastfeeding transfer antibodies that they won’t develop on their own until they are 6 months to 1 year old. This helps protect them from getting sick. But breastfeeding also burns about 500 … Read More

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Pregnancy Myth: You’re Eating for Two (Video)

When you’re pregnant, it’s often easy to overeat based on a simple idea: “I’m eating for two.” In reality, you need only about 300 extra calories per day to support healthy development of your baby. You’re not eating for two adults, after all. For perspective, 300 calories can come from a cup of Greek yogurt, … Read More

6 Tips for A Healthy Pregnancy Weight

So you’re pregnant — and excited about the new baby on board. But pregnancy comes with questions, and in my experience, some of the biggest questions center around weight gain. I’ve written before about the myths of pregnancy and weight and about the health problems associated with excessive weight gain during pregnancy, from diabetes to … Read More

Busting 5 Myths About Pregnancy and Weight

If you are pregnant, you will hear plenty of old wives’ tales, from ways to determine a baby’s sex to tricks for inducing labor. But be especially wary of myths and misinformation about weight gain and pregnancy. Why? Because maintaining a healthy weight is important for reducing health risks such as gestational diabetes, blood pressure … Read More

Can You Exercise During Pregnancy?

Many expecting mothers ask this question: Can I exercise during my pregnancy? The answer is yes, with the right guidance. It is important for you to visit with your doctor first to be sure you have no underlying conditions that might require bed rest or a reduced exercise schedule. “If you exercise right and don’t … Read More

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The Right Weight for a Healthier Pregnancy

If you are thinking of becoming pregnant or are already pregnant, your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and delivery are higher when you gain the right amount of weight. Some people think that because you’re eating for two, your calorie intake should be doubled. But that’s not quite true.  Yes, you are eating for … Read More

The Buzz Around Coffee Bean Extract

Marketing slogans tout green coffee bean extract as a miracle supplement for weight loss. But if you’ve spent time looking at supplements, you’ve probably heard that claim before. Every time a new weight loss product makes waves in the media, the questions start to roll in from patients. Does it work? Is it safe? How much … Read More