Bad Sleep? 5 Questions You Should Discuss With Your Doctor

At the end of a long, hard day, you want to crawl into your cozy bed for a good night’s sleep — just what you need to recharge for tomorrow. But what happens when that cozy bed turns into a place of anxiety and restlessness? We all get a bad night’s sleep every now and … Read More

6 Myths About Vaccines — and the Truths Behind Them

As a primary care physician, I get a lot of questions about vaccines. As important as vaccines have been in medicine — from virtually eradicating certain diseases to boosting our yearly immunity from the flu — people still have a lot of misconceptions about them. Below, I’ve set out to clear up the biggest ones … Read More

Got Stress? How You Can Start Dealing With It Now

Stress. We all have it. Daily life — getting to work on time, shuttling kids to and from after-school activities, dealing with a lack of sleep — can trigger it. So can traumatic events. The question: How do you deal with it? Start by tackling the basics, and seek medical advice when you need it. … Read More

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Why Smart Health Decisions Require Your Input

You make important life decisions using the best information available. When you search for a job, you ask, “Is this a good fit for me?” You shop around for the house that best suits your needs. You read reviews and consumer research when buying a car. So when you make the most important decisions of … Read More

3 Ways to Save Lives and Cut Healthcare Costs

You know the cost of healthcare in the United States is high, but the statistics are truly staggering. Healthcare costs make up almost one-fourth of the federal budget. They also account for 18 percent of America’s gross domestic product. That’s why our country is shifting to value-based care. If value-based care sounds like a buzzword … Read More

How Your Ancestry and Ethnicity Affect Your Health

When it comes to your health, who you are and where you come from matter. So when you gather your family health history, include your ancestry and ethnicity. Both offer clues about your health risks. We’ve developed tools to help you collect family history. When you ask about health conditions that run in your family, … Read More

Top 3 Benefits of a Digital Family History

There’s a reason I mention family health history in almost every blog post: It’s an important tool in your doctor’s tool box for helping predict your risk for disease. What “runs in your family” matters. Family health history is a cornerstone of personalized healthcare, a trend shaping the future of medical care, according to Cleveland … Read More

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Kids and Codeine: Why Genetics Matter for Medication

I care for adult patients in my practice, but I have two great reasons to keep a watchful eye on the pediatric medical community: my kids. With that in mind, I paid special attention when the FDA issued a boxed warning for codeine prescribed to children after tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy. It’s the perfect example of … Read More

Women: Here’s Your No. 1 Killer

In 2009, it was responsible for 24 percent of deaths among all females. It kills an average of 400,000 women each year. Since this is October, you may assume I’m talking about breast cancer. I’m not. I’m talking about heart disease, which kills more women in this country than all forms of cancer combined. My … Read More