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Will High Testosterone Levels Boost a Man’s Fertility?

If a little testosterone is good for a man, a lot should be better, right? So the thinking goes. No wonder interest in “low T” therapy is running so high. Tap or click to find out whether increasing testosterone will increase your fertility.

Men: Don’t Let Incontinence Slow You Down

There are different reasons you might have male urinary incontinence, ranging from surgical side effects to overactive bladder. Fortunately, several treatment options can help relieve it. Incontinence happens when your bladder’s sphincter muscle is not strong enough to hold back the urine. It can also occur when your bladder muscles contract too strongly or your bladder gets … Read More

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How Icing the Kidney Helps Surgeons Remove a Tumor

Cooling the kidney with ice, inserted robotically into a patient’s abdomen, allows physicians more time to complete complex procedures and without large incisions. Watch the technique in action.