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Recipe: Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Serve this beautiful green salsa the next time you gather friends and family together. Tomatillos look like green tomatoes but have a thin, parchment-like husk that you remove during prep.

My Poop Is Bright Green — Should I Be Concerned?

Discover the truth about questions that pique your curiosity in our “Short Answer” series. Gastroenterologist Maged Rizk, MD and OB/Gyn physicians Linda Bradley, MD, and Margaret McKenzie, MD, answer this one about the color of stool.

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Fibroids: Are They Making Sex Painful for You?

Most women have or have had uterine fibroids but didn’t even know it. These benign growths are a common occurrence and usually don’t cause any symptoms. There are times, however, that their presence causes problems. Find out about symptoms and treatment options, besides a hysterectomy.