Mikkael Sekeres, MD, MS

Mikkael Sekeres, MD, MS

Mikkael Sekeres, MD, MS, has more than a decade of medical experience in medical oncology and hematology. He is the Director of the Leukemia Program at Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Institute.

The Truth About Older Adults With Leukemia

If you are an older adult diagnosed with leukemia, you have treatment options — even at age 99. Learn more from a doctor who specializes in treating leukemia in older adults.

The Surprising Way I Make My Cancer Patients Laugh (Video)

Neckties can be a liability in a medical setting — a magnet for stains, a possible germ vector, and a potential noose in the grasp of a curious toddler. But the knotted bit of silk hanging from a doctor’s collar can be an icebreaker in difficult situations. Sometimes, it can even be a lifeline.

The Search For The ‘Right’ Doctor

When a patient seeks a second opinion, it can be driven by a need for clarity around a diagnosis or treatment advice — or it can be part of a search for a doctor who ‘fits.’

How My Oldest Patients Are Also My Teachers

It is with a good deal of trepidation that I start any new medication in my patients who are very old, for fear of disrupting the myriad forces of genetics and environment that have allowed them to live so long. Such was the case for the 90-year-old patient sitting in front of me, who had … Read More

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How Letters Bind Doctors to Their Patients

When I entered the exam room to see my first patient of the day, a doctor from another department at my hospital, I found her sitting in the chair I usually occupy, typing away at the computer on the tiny desk. “The hospital would be proud of you, doctor, working right up to the time … Read More

The Doctor Waits to Hear Back From the Doctor

Waiting to hear back from a doctor about a serious health issue can be excruciating. Even if you’re a doctor yourself. An alarming stress test result led me to try to get into see a cardiologist immediately. With a family history of coronary artery disease and sudden cardiac arrest, I know only too well the implications of the … Read More

The Man Who Kept His Cancer a Secret

Telling family, friends and colleagues about your serious cancer diagnosis is among the most personal and sensitive issues you could ever face. Is it fair to put the emotional weight on others? How will people react to you at home, socially or in the workplace? Mikkael Sekeres, MD, Director of Cleveland Clinic’s Leukemia Program, tells … Read More

Redefining ‘Cancer’ in a New Age

This post by Dr. Mikkael Sekeres is in response to a National Cancer Institute-backed group’s recommendation to change the definition of cancer, published July 29, 2013 in The Journal of the American Medical Association. The group recommends eliminating the word from some common diagnoses in an effort to change the approach to cancer detection and … Read More

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Back to Work After Cancer Treatment

Going back to work can be exhausting for cancer patients. I worry that people return to work and think they will be right back to where they were before their cancer diagnosis. Robin Roberts, of Good Morning America returned to work after receiving six months of treatment for the rare blood disorder myelodysplastic syndrome. My … Read More

Even With Cancer, Laughter Helps

Humor has a way of relaxing us, even in the worst situations. Few situations are worse than dealing with cancer or other serious illnesses. Maybe that’s when we need humor the most. The release of laughter — the feeling that things are, even if temporarily, normal and OK — helps us feel we fit again … Read More