Treating Infertility: Roller Coaster of Emotions

When you first learn that you’re infertile, you feel a flood of emotions. In the middle of your grief and sadness, you and your partner must make decisions that may affect you physically, emotionally and financially. Understandably, you want to know the best options to treat your type of infertility and what each treatment choice … Read More

MS Relapse During Pregnancy: Can It Happen to You?

MS has taken a back seat in Dion W’s life since she’s been pregnant. But she knows that could change. And she knows all too well what to watch for when it comes to her multiple sclerosis attacks. Numbness. Loss of vision. Fatigue that comes and goes. Changes in weather also often are a trigger. … Read More

Hospital Details Make a Difference for the Mom-to-Be

The day you meet your baby is one of those life events you remember forever. Her little face. His tiny hands and feet. Finally, you’re face to face. Your birthing center can enhance those first memories, so look for the right fit. “There are a lot of options and choices for today’s expectant mother about … Read More

Pregnancy and MS: The Worry of Passing It to Your Child

It’s a fact that multiple sclerosis has some genetic features, meaning that if you have it, there’s a small chance you’ll pass it on to your children. Statistics show that your kids have a 3 to 5 percent lifetime chance of developing MS. [Tweet “Will you pass #multiplesclerosis on to your kids? Find out the … Read More

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How To Know If It’s Taking Too Long To Get Pregnant

It begins as an idea. “Yes, a child might be nice someday.” Then you stop using birth control and wait. A month passes, maybe another. And you’re still not pregnant. Now, you’re starting to worry. Not so fast. “The rule of thumb is if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for 12 months and are … Read More

What You Can Expect While Expecting With MS

Dion W. is 30-plus weeks into her pregnancy and she’s surprised. She’s not surprised that her multiple sclerosis symptoms have disappeared. Now 35, she has suffered with those off and on for 15 years, but her doctor says it is common for MS symptoms to recede during pregnancy. But, as with many women before her, … Read More

As First-time Mom, You Need Answers, Support

Information and support: That’s what most first-time moms want. You want to know you have the skills to take on parenthood. Babies don’t come with an owner’s manual, so many moms-to-be take childbirth education classes as part of their birthing experiences. They want to replace rumors with facts and concerns with competence. Preparing moms-to-be Cleveland … Read More

Multiple Sclerosis Can Be Compatible With Pregnancy

You have multiple sclerosis and you want to have a baby. Not a problem, experts say, but be sure to talk to your doctor about coming off medications and other pregnancy preparations. MS doesn’t appear to affect fertility in any significant way, says neurologist Mary R. Rensel, MD. Women with multiple sclerosis have a normal … Read More

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New Mom Doesn’t Let MS Run Her Life (Video)

While physical changes are a normal part of pregnancy, the changes Dion W. experienced were different from most. Dion W., now 35, enjoyed a break from her multiple sclerosis symptoms while she was pregnant. She was diagnosed with MS in 1999 at age 19, but was determined to finish college. She didn’t want to put … Read More

Pregnant? Find the Best Fit for Your Birth Plan

New options are opening up to pregnant women who want the best of both worlds: a natural, home-like delivery in the safety of a hospital. In her pregnancy, Krista Afumbom was searching for this unique combination, a water birth with a nurse midwife within a hospital setting. “I wanted a natural, drug-free delivery, and I … Read More