Scott Burg, DO

Scott Burg, DO

Scott Burg, DO, is a staff rheumatologist who specializes in osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoporosis and golf injuries.

Do You Know Your Options For Osteoarthritis?

“What are my options?” If you have a persistent condition such as osteoarthritis, ask this question frequently. When you have a health issue that goes on for years, it’s easy to just go about your regular treatment routine and assume it’s still the best. But it never hurts to ask for new options and the … Read More

If You Have Arthritis, Don’t Hibernate This Winter

It’s winter. If you live in a cold climate, the air outside may be frigid enough to make you want to spend the next couple of months hiding under a blanket. But if you have arthritis, avoid the urge to hibernate. Sitting still all winter is the last thing you need to do. Why movement … Read More

4 Ways to Control Your Gout This Holiday Season

The holiday season comes with little indulgences. But when you have gout, you must be smart to make sure those little indulgences do not turn into big flare-ups. The basic guidelines you observe year-round — including avoiding organ meat and limiting purine-rich foods such as shellfish and red meat — still apply, of course. But … Read More

4 Food Tips to Improve Your Arthritis Symptoms

When it comes to arthritis and diet, I’ve done my fair share of myth busting. In truth, no magic diet is going to make your arthritis — whether it’s osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or another form — disappear. But as long as you’re realistic about your goals, paying attention to your diet can help ease your … Read More

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Busting 5 Myths About Your Diet and Arthritis

When you experience the chronic pain of arthritis, you want answers. You’ll take any advice you can get to find relief from flare-ups. I understand that, of course. But unfortunately, there is no shortage of bad advice out there — especially when it comes to diet. Myths are abundant and persistent, traveling by word of … Read More

8 Ways You Can Travel Like an Expert With Arthritis

Your bags are packed. Your flights are booked. Your itinerary is full of sights to see. But are you prepared to deal with your arthritis away from home? Nobody wants to feel limited, and for people with arthritis, planning ahead is especially important. I give the following advice to my patients before they head out … Read More

10 Ways to Deal With Arthritis in Your Daily Routine

Getting dressed, brushing your teeth, eating a meal — you do these things every day. But people with arthritis often struggle with these everyday activities. Often, simple tweaks make these tasks easier to manage, and there is a world of adaptive products designed for people with arthritis. Start with the following tips for an easier … Read More

Got Arthritis? You Can Clean and Garden With Less Pain

For many people, satisfaction is a squeaky-clean kitchen, a dust-free living room or a garden in full bloom. But the work it takes to get there can be a pain for people with arthritis. When it comes to housekeeping, we encourage people to stay active. Gardening can provide a dose of much-needed movement, for example. … Read More

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Don’t Let Arthritis Stop You From Enjoying Sex

“Doc, I’m having trouble at home.” I get this comment frequently from patients with arthritis. When I dig deeper, they often reveal that arthritis is affecting their sex lives. There are ways to overcome the hurdles arthritis places in your way. They take patience, a willingness to try new things and honesty with your partner. … Read More

4 Times to See a Doctor for Arthritis Pain

If you live with arthritis pain, you’re probably familiar with at-home fixes such as ice and heat packs, stretching routines, pain relievers and simply putting your feet up and taking a break. All of these can be helpful — but sometimes they’re just not enough. If any of the following four cases apply to you, … Read More