Stephen Grobmyer, MD

Stephen Grobmyer, MD, is Section Head of Surgical Oncology and the Director of Breast Services at Cleveland Clinic.

What “No Ink on Tumor” Means If You Have Breast Cancer

Breast conservation. If you have breast cancer, these two words are meaningful. And thanks to advances in surgeries such as lumpectomy, they’re possible for more women than in the past. Breast-conserving surgery comes with questions, though. One of the biggest: How much healthy tissue should we remove around a tumor? This has been controversial for … Read More

What a New Double Mastectomy Study Means for Patients

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, your treatment plan starts with open, honest conversations with your physicians and surgeons. For one thing, you’ll want to discuss surgical options. Are you a candidate for breast-conserving surgery in combination with radiation?  Or should you consider mastectomy, with or without breast reconstruction? Numerous studies have shown both … Read More

Mammograms Save Lives — But They Can Get Better

Are you confused about when to start having mammograms? And how often? You’re not alone. In the past five years, some researchers have questioned the best timing and frequency for mammograms. For example, recent research looked at 50 years’ worth of mammogram data. Researchers found that mammograms cut the risk of death for women in … Read More

A New Option for Breast Cancer Prevention

With special guest contributor Holly Pederson, MD When we talk about drugs for breast cancer, we often focus on medications used for treatment after a diagnosis. But medications can play a major role in prevention, as well. A recent study of the drug anastrozole (Arimidex) has brought that role to light yet again. Below, my … Read More

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Top 5 Breakthroughs in Breast Cancer Surgery (Video)

If there’s a common theme among the many breakthroughs in breast cancer surgery, it’s less and fewer. Thanks to advances such as the ones below, woman can have surgical treatment with fewer side effects, fewer procedures required, less recovery time and less risk. Best of all, these advances make treatment more effective than ever. 1. … Read More

4 Ways to Improve Your Breast Cancer Rehab

With guest contributor Sree Battu, MD, rehabilitation specialist When it comes to breast cancer, what comes after surgery or treatment can be just as important as the treatment itself. Breast cancer rehabilitation can minimize the impact of treatment and improve your quality of life. But we are starting to realize that rehabilitation can do much … Read More

Breast Cancer Treatment Gets Faster, Easier, Less Costly

One dose of radiation instead of many. Days of recovery instead of weeks. A fraction of the cost. All of these positive statements describe single-dose intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT), an FDA-approved treatment that’s helping women with early-stage breast cancer. In IORT, we deliver one highly targeted dose of radiation after removing a breast tumor instead … Read More

5 Questions to Ask Before Breast Cancer Treatment

When it comes to breast cancer treatment, less can be more. As breast cancer care becomes more personalized, we are learning that not all patients need the same treatments. If you have breast cancer, you may be able to avoid the short- and long-term side effects of treatment and still have highly positive outcomes. Start … Read More

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Do You Need Cancer Surgery?

If you or a family member needs surgery to treat cancer, you probably feel some anxiety or fear. Everyone does. My patients often express concerns about post-operative pain, complications, recovery and likelihood of long-term health after surgery. But I want to tell you that cancer treatment has come a long way. And I also want … Read More