Recipe: Smoky Sautéed Spinach and Chickpeas

The word smoky, when applied to food, usually calls to mind barbeque and other meat-centric meals, not a vegan feast. But here is a dish that’s as savory and satisfying as it is plant-centric and nutritious.

Recipe: Piccata-Style Chicken Scaloppini

Bring a little Italian to your dinner table. This chicken scaloppini recipe calls for olive oil, garlic, fresh lemon and a little whole wheat flour. Each delicious serving contains only 150 calories.

Recipe: Walnut and Pecan Pesto Green Beans

This colorful, satisfying dish can complement a main entree or serve as a light, flavorful meal of its own. The nuts and pesto over green beans boost the flavor and the nutrients.

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Is Your Favorite Recipe Healthy (or Not)?

Finding a recipe online is easier than ever, but how can you be sure it’s healthy? Follow these tips for finding nutritious recipes and making your favorite recipes healthier.

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Recipe: Tofu or Turkey Dogs with Sauerkraut

Tired after a long day? You can prepare this quick, easy and tasty meal in minutes. The turkey or tofu provide the protein, and the sauerkraut supplies the fiber and minerals.