Recipe: Tofu or Turkey Dogs with Sauerkraut

Tired after a long day? You can prepare this quick, easy and tasty meal in minutes. The turkey or tofu provide the protein, and the sauerkraut supplies the fiber and minerals.

Recipe: Carrot, Raisin and Yogurt Slaw

We all know about cole slaw that uses cabbage as the main ingredient. This sweet and crunchy version uses carrots instead, and features creamy Greek yogurt as a dressing rather than mayonnaise.

Recipe: Loaded, Flavorful Vegetable Rice

Leafy greens, mushrooms, peppers and squash pack this tasty brown rice dish with fiber and nutrients. It’s flavored with sambal, an Indonesian chili paste, lemon and fresh herbs.

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Recipe: Chicken Salad Veronique

This is not your everyday chicken salad. Adding red seedless grapes and pecan or walnut pieces to the mix, along with flavorful Dijon mustard and fresh parsley, make it a standout.

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Air-Frying: Is It as Healthy As You Think?

Thinking about buying an air fryer? Discover the pros and cons of cooking with a device that circulates heat at high temperatures to fry, grill or bake food without using oil.