Recipe: Eggplant and Broccolini Parmesan

You don’t have to speak Italian to say “delizioso!” to this classic. It includes a surprising ingredient: broccolini. If you like more greens, add a lovely salad to complete this meal.

Recipe: Salmon Marsala

This recipe switches up chicken marsala by swapping for salmon. It’s a great way to get delicious and healthy fish on the menu. You should find marsala wine in the cooking wines/condiments section of your local grocery store.

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Recipe: Southwestern Sirloin Soup

This soup is a real family pleaser. It’s easy to make and full of Mexican-inspired flavor. You can also substitute chicken or black beans for the beef to your taste.

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Recipe: Middle Eastern Salad With a Healthy Twist

Enjoy this delicious Middle Eastern salad with olive oil and garlic dressing, topped with crispy pita chips. Or save on calories and fat, and up your protein intake by replacing the dressing with cottage cheese or garbanzo beans.