Can My Mitral Valve Regurgitation Be Treated Without Surgery?

The Short Answer from a cardiologist

Q.: Can my mitral valve regurgitation can be treated without surgery?

A.: If the mitral valve is severely leaking and you have one of the classic indications for surgery, medical therapy is not going to give you as good a result as surgical correction of the leaky valve.

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There are very rare instances when a clip for the mitral valve can be considered instead of surgery. Again, this is rare and should be done only if you are unable to have surgery for some medical reason.

It’s important that you are evaluated at a center that provides these procedures.

Also, you should have a thorough echocardiographic evaluation of the valve to determine the reason for the leak.

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If the mitral regurgitation is severe, your breathing will improve after the repair.

Cardiologist Wael Jaber, MD

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