What Can I Do for My Rosacea?

The Short Answer from a dermatologist
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Q: What can I do for my rosacea — can over-the-counter products help?

A: Yes, over-the-counter products can help. However, depending on the type of rosacea you have — and there are many — you may benefit from prescription medication or laser therapy. For example:

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  • If you’re dealing primarily with a pink tint to your skin, then green-based, tinted moisturizer, which is available over the counter, can help minimize the redness.
  • If your skin redness is extensive, we can use the vascular laser to collapse the tiny blood vessels responsible for both the redness and the flushing that accompany rosacea.
  • If you’re dealing with skin redness accompanied by small, pimple-like lesions that flare with changes in the environment, spicy foods, hot beverages, etc., then you’ve got the papulopustular type of rosacea. For this type, we prescribe a topical antibacterial cream plus an oral antibiotic (similar to minocycline) to fight the underlying inflammation.

Everyone with rosacea should also apply sunscreen every day, because UV light aggravates this skin condition.

Dermatologist Christine Poblete-Lopez, MD

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