Do You Have Cancer? These 5 Secrets Can Help You Survive

Do You Have Cancer? These 5 Secrets Can Help You Survive

Contributor: Jame Abraham, MD

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Cancer is not an easy diagnosis. In the past 15 years of taking care of patients, family members and friends, I have become intimately involved in this very tough and intense emotional journey. It is fascinating to see how each person and family face such a life-changing diagnosis.

Some patients are outright negative and angry and really struggle through it. Others breeze through with a smile.

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Making cancer treatment decisions

Cancer and its treatment can take an emotional, physical and financial toll on anyone. Once you have a diagnosis, it’s not easy to wish that away.

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We can ask questions to try to understand. We can ask “why?” for a while, but not forever. We can question the treatment options, but not every step of the way. Getting upset is not going to get you anywhere. But it is real and unfortunately, you need to face it.

Making decisions about cancer treatment is almost like traveling in an airplane. When you are on a flight, you need to trust the pilot and the airplane. If you question every tremor, and up and down, of the plane, you will be totally paralyzed throughout the journey. You just have to trust the pilot and the plane to take you to the right destination safely. Jumping out of the plane isn’t an option.

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Do these 5 things to help you survive

I have found that people who deal with a cancer diagnosis in a positive manner tend to do 5 things – which I recommend to my patients:

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  1. Find the right team and champion for you, and put trust in them.
  2. If needed, get a second opinion.
  3. Surround yourself with the people you love.
  4. Focus on your life rather than the cancer or cancer treatment.
  5. Try not to compare your story with your neighbors; your treatment and prognosis is tailored for you.

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Finding the right doctor and team

The most important decision you can make in your cancer treatment is to find the right doctor and the team for you. Do your homework, investigate and consider a second opinion. Once you have done the due diligence and are satisfied, trust you’ve made the right decision.

Having a diagnosis of cancer is not fair – just like life. Don’t delay or put your life on hold because of cancer treatment. Keep your focus on living your life, and not on the cancer.

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