Cheers to Your Good Health! (Video)

Choose heart-healthy cocktails this holiday season

Tomato juice or Bloody Mary

As the song goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Of course, the many celebrations this season seem to go hand-in-hand with alcoholic drinks, whether you’re sharing a cup of holiday cheer with coworkers or raising a glass to the New Year with family and friends.

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If you’re trying to balance all of that fun with keeping your heart healthy, here’s some good news from Cleveland Clinic cardiac surgeon Marc Gillinov, MD: You can enjoy an alcoholic beverage or even two. Just choose wisely.

In this video, Dr. Gillinov explains that alcohol, in moderation, can be healthy for many people. As an added bonus, he tells you how to maximize the health benefits by choosing the right kinds of tasty drinks. Hint: Pass on the eggnog and ice cream drinks, and reach for a Bloody Mary or other cocktail mixed with nutrient-filled vegetable or fruit juice.

Cheers to moderation—and your healthy heart!

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