Daily Digest: Strokes, Allergies, Soda and More

Cleveland Clinic is featured on ABC News

From ABC News: Stroke of a Young Girl

On ABC News, Cleveland Clinic neurosurgeon, Mark Bain, MD, comments on the young girl from Ohio who survived an unexpected stroke. She went on to have a unique and successful brain surgery after being diagnosed with a rare brain disease.
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From Prevention.com: Vacation Allergy Prevention

When and where you choose to travel could have a huge impact on your allergies. Physician David Lang, MD, of Cleveland Clinic’s Respiratory Institute offers his advice on how to prevent allergies during those fun vacation times.
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From AARP: Soda Drinkers Have Higher Stroke Risk

Adam Bernstein, MD, research director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute, comments on the additives in soda and the link between stroke risk and sugar-free beverages. “”The numbers are staggering — upwards of 45 gallons per person per year,” Dr. Bernstein says. “That’s nearly a gallon per week per person. There has been some suggestion that caramel coloring could lead to inflammation, which perhaps then could trigger some type of disease.”
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From Cleveland.com: Green Vegetables

Registered dietitian, Amy Jamieson-Petonic of the Cleveland Clinic, shares nutrients associated with certain varieties and their special benefits to health and well-being, as well as tips for handling and preparation of beet greens, bok choy, broccoli rabe, and more.
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