Daily Digest: Testosterone Therapy, Multiple Sclerosis, and “Chemo Brain”

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From MSNBC: Testosterone Quick Fix

In record numbers, American guys are turning to testosterone boosters to repair their pep, revive their sex drive, even erase their erectile issues. Edmund Sabanegh, MD, discusses testosterone supplements and replacement therapy.
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From Cleveland.com: Chemo Brain Fog

The technical term is mild cognitive impairment or cancer therapy-associated cognitive change. Halle Moore, MD, an oncologist at Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Institute, presented the results of the study that used an electroencephalogram, or EEG, which measures brain waves, to measure changes in a patient’s brain function after chemotherapy.
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From Neurology Reviews: Alemtuzumab, Interferon Beta-1a, and Multiple Sclerosis

Jeffrey Cohen, MD, Director of Experimental Therapeutics at Cleveland Clinic Mellen MS Center, describes his comparison of alemtuzumab and interferon beta-1a in patients with multiple sclerosis.
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