A Day in the Life of Jocelyn Beach, MD

The journey continues with her second year of residency

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July started a new academic year as I transitioned into my second year of residency and welcomed in a new group of residents and fellows. I finished my year at main campus in vascular surgery, and was fortunate to start the new one doing the same at Hillcrest Hospital. In general compared to main campus, Hillcrest has less complicated patients and a slower pace, which will be a great opportunity for me to pull together the skills I developed over the last year.

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Jocelyn Beach MD

Jocelyn Beach, MD

One of the highlights of the month of July was our team – including me and one of our fellows, Dr. Jessica Titus. We’ve known each other for four years, and this was our first time working together during our vascular training.

Jess received her general surgery training at Cleveland Clinic prior to her current fellowship and was one of the first surgical residents I worked with as a medical student. While she may try to take credit for inspiring my entire surgical and vascular career path, I will give her some. As a student, it made a huge difference to have someone who respects and includes you on their team. We still remember patients we took care of together and cases where she first taught me how to suture.

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Four years later, that has not changed. We worked great together on the floor and in the operating room. She took me through AV fistulas for dialysis and made sure I had opportunities to get a lot of practice with endovascular skills. For my birthday, she even asked the staff to let me cannulate the contralateral gate of an EVAR (vascular speak for a key part of minimally invasive repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm). You will have to trust me — that was a very well received gift.

We finished the month off caring for and learning about a wide variety of straightforward and some complex vascular problems, all while keeping each other entertained. I am appreciative to Jess for a great July, and look forward to refining and advancing my patient care surgical skills throughout the year.

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