Drug-eluting Stent Performs Well for Diabetics

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Dr. Sean Lyden

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When it comes to vascular disease, patients with diabetes fare worse than patients without diabetes in most measures. That’s why Sean Lyden, MD, a vascular surgeon in the Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute told MedPage Today that it was an “exciting finding” that a new drug-eluting stent performed well in both diabetic and non-diabetic heart patients.

Dr. Lyden studied the Zilver PTX paclitaxel (Taxol)-eluting stent, which is designed for the treatment of blockages in superficial femoral artery (a large blood vessel in the thigh). After 12 months, the femoral artery remained patent (open) in 83.9% of the diabetic patients, and 85.2% of the non-diabetic patients.  Surgery in Chicago.

“On the whole,” Dr. Lyden told MedPage Today, “only 60% of superficial femoral artery interventions will be patent at one year, no matter how you open the vessel.”  Dr. Lyden presented the study at the Vascular Annual Meeting of the Society for Vascular Surgery in Chicago.

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