Do You Sit All Day at Work? Stand at Your Desk for Better Health


Sitting at your desk all day could be harmful to your health.

If you have an office job where you sit hunched over a desk, clicking away at a computer more than you stand, you need to take steps – literally – to reduce your sedentary time. Our bodies are built to move, so sitting is just not good for your health.

“There is research that suggests that people who sit excessively have increased risk for obesity, diabetes and heart disease,” says occupational therapist Michael Milicia.

“Even if you are actively working, usually your lower body is relatively static, and there is decreased circulation.”

How to be an ‘active sitter’

While you probably can’t completely get away from sitting at your desk, there are things you can do to keep active, Mr. Milicia says. Here are a few recommendations:

Remember good eye hygiene

Prolonged staring at a computer screen can cause you to stop blinking, which is important to keep your eyes hydrated, Mr. Milicia says.

Put up a reminder note to blink if you have to. Also, remember to alternate to your far vision occasionally by looking out the window, across the room at a clock or across the hall at a painting, for example.

Keep your seated posture ergonomically correct

Office workers typically conform to whatever configuration their desks and stations are set at when they get them, according to Mr. Milicia. Here’s his advice: