Don’t Let Flu Bring You 2 Weeks of Misery

Know the facts about flu and the flu vaccine

Influenza (flu) is more than a nasty illness, says infectious disease expert Steven Gordon, MD. It can be devastating for those at high risk. And because the flu virus travels up to 6 feet with every cough or sneeze, it’s hard to avoid exposure. Arm yourself with the facts behind common flu vaccine myths:

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Don’t Let Flu Bring You 2 Weeks of Misery (Infographic)

Flu shots protect you as well as those you love. The flu is especially risky for people over age 65, children under 6, pregnant women and those living with  chronic conditions.

“There is a flu vaccine available for everyone over 6 months of age,”  says Dr. Gordon. Don’t let the flu sideline you this winter — protect yourself with a flu shot.

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