Do You Eat ‘Dinner Food’ for Breakfast? (You Should)

How to rev your body with real fuel

Breakfast cereal should be called dessert. Even the healthier ones are often filled with sugar. Instead, try eating a mix of foods that gives you these key nutrients: protein, healthy fat, fiber and low-glycemic carbs.

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These are satisfying foods to give your body real fuel as you break the fast from dinner the night before. Doing them can mean eating foods outside the “norm” for breakfast, including dinner foods.

For protein, consider chicken or fish. Those work for breakfast and offer protein, though you can also try whole eggs, nuts and seeds. For healthy fats, try coconut oil, nut butter and avocados. For fiber, include berries, chia or flax seeds. And for low-glycemic carbs (which keep your blood sugar level), go for berries and crunchy veggies.

If you eat the right things, you can breeze through your morning. Watch this video for ideas from functional medicine expert Mark Hyman, MD, for breakfast ideas and ways to include dinner foods in a healthy way.

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