Exploring the Nation’s First Uterus Transplant

Historic Cleveland Clinic research study begins
Exploring the Nation's First Uterus Transplant

What you need to know

A Groundbreaking Study: The Back Story

On Feb. 24, 2016, Cleveland Clinic performed a historic uterus transplant. The nine-hour surgery represents the first step in a complex research trial aimed at giving 10 women without a functioning uterus their only hope of carrying a pregnancy.
Cleveland Clinic Performs Nation’s First Uterus Transplant

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Shedding Light on a Multistep Path To Parenthood

Selecting the right candidates for uterus transplant is just the beginning of a long, intensive process. Patients accepted into the study face not just transplant surgery, but also in vitro fertilization and intensive monitoring throughout pregnancy and delivery.
Uterus Transplant: Know the Facts (Infographic)

Our Experts’ Views on the First of 10 Transplants

Our team of transplant surgeons, Ob/Gyn surgeons, infertility specialists and high-risk obstetricians discusses the first patient, addresses ethical issues and describes the next steps.

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Animation, Photos and Much More

View a simulation of uterus transplantation, meet the team behind this groundbreaking work, and find helpful links to more information.

Information for physicians

Get Dr. Andreas Tzakis’ perspective on Cleveland Clinic’s landmark trial.
Q&A With the Lead Surgeon on First U.S. Uterine Transplant

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