For better heart health – Know your numbers

Cleveland Clinic staff share their numbers with you

Cleveland Clinic staff share their numbers with you:

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Dr. Gillinov, heart surgeon and co-author of Heart 411: BMI 22.8, LDL 87, BP 115/75.  Dr. Gillinov reveals his numbers and the steps he took to get them at Heart Surgeon Reveals All.

Dr. Ellis, Section Head of Interventional Cardiology: BMI is 22, LDL is 110, BP 120/75.  How did he get there?  “I run, watch what I eat and take a statin every other day.”

Dr. ClairDepartment Chairman, Vascular Surgery: BMI is 26.5; Lipid Profile is: Cholesterol 147 HDL – 63  LDL – 74 and TG 52; and BP is 117/87.  He states, ” I exercise regularly, both aerobic and resistance training almost daily.  I watch my diet by limiting red meat to once or twice a week and try to eat a salad with every dinner.  I also limit my dinner intake by cutting my meal in half before I eat.  My habit is to eat whatever is on my plate, so by placing less on my plate, I tend to reduce the ‘overeating’ I do.”

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Dr. Starling, Section of Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant Medicine:  BMI 24.6; lipids: TC 160, LDL 83, HDL 66 and TG 53; and BP 109/69.  Dr. Starling states, I pay close attention to dietary choices and portions,  participate in regular vigorous aerobic exercise,  and have annual visits with my physician.

Thank you to our heart specialists for sharing their numbers , hoping that you will take a look at your own measurements of heart health.

What’s your numbers?

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