Get Your Child Used to Using the Potty (Video)

Helping your child get comfortable on the toilet

green potty-training toilet

Parents ask me how to get their children used to the idea of going to the potty. There are a few steps I tell them to follow:

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  • Set a routine setting them on the potty without using it, so it becomes normal
  • Let them watch you in the bathroom so they can imitate you
  • Pay close attention to signals — if they’re squatting and turning red, suggest it’s time to use the potty
  • Reward them when they succeed, and even for when they try
  • Remember not to get angry or frustrated at their mistakes

Deb Lonzer, MD

Deb Lonzer, MD

Deb Lonzer, MD, is a board-certified pediatrician and the Chair of the Department of Community Pediatrics for Cleveland Clinic Children’s.
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